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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: Mar. 09, 2023

Brewpub Quiz header

The winners of this past quiz were Iron Lady In A Pine Box with 17 points. The winners of the Best Team Name Competition was a tie between When Will That Damn Parking Garage Be Done? and The Iron Lady, May She Rust In Peace (AKA Is There A Doctor In The House? Chuck Has A Fat Liver).

1) What film critic wrote the screenplay for the 1970 cult movie Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls?
2) John Steinbeck co-wrote the screenplay to what 1944 Alfred Hitchcock movie, in which most of the action takes place in a single confined space?
3) What father and daughter have both won Oscars for screenwriting?
4) Ruth Prawer Jhabvala frequently wrote screenplays for what filmmaking duo, known for their period costume dramas?

Margaret Thatcher
1) What was Margaret Thatcher's maiden name?
2) Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had one at least one major disagreement, which was on Operation Urgent Fury. What was Operation Urgent Fury?
3) Arthur Scargill, a major political opponent of Margaret Thatcher, was the one time president of the NUM. What does NUM stand for?
4) What rock musician vowed to dance on Margaret Thatcher's grave in his song Tramp The Dirt Down from the 1989 album Spike?

Bygone Jobs
1) A Fletcher made what kind of ammunition?
2) What one-time profession was immortalized in the title of a play by Eugene O'Neill?
3) A Caddy Butcher processed and sold what kind of meat?
4) An Amber Cutter, who worked on a whaling ship, performed what job?

Game Shows
1) Who got his break in television as Ben Stein's sidekick on Win Ben Stein's Money?
2) Blankety Blank, a game show in which members of the public tried to win prizes with the aid of celebrities, was the British equivalent of what American program?
3) What caused a duck with a resemblance to host Groucho Marx to appear on the show You Bet Your Life?
4) Louie Anderson, Richard Karn and Steve Harvey have all been host of what long running game show?

Sad Songs
1) Mark Dinning sings about his dead girlfriend, killed by a train, in what morbid classic from 1959?
2) William Thacker played by Hugh Grant goes through all four seasons as he walks the streets mourning his break-up with Anna Scott played by Julia Roberts in a single sequence in the movie Notting Hill. What song by Bill Withers is being played over the scene?
3) What is the next line in this song released in 1949 "Did you ever see a robin weep, when leaves begin to die? Like me he's lost the will to live"?
4) What two singers duetted on the 1978 recording of the song You Don't Bring Me Flowers?
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