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Random Historic Photo - 6372 Guilford
posted: Mar. 28, 2024

Random Historic Photo header

This photo is from the 1930s. It is of 6372 Guilford Avenue, although when this photo was taken the street name was Bellefontaine (pronounced BELL-FOUNTAIN).

image courtesy of Bob Alloway collection

Alloway's overlaid text has some errors. The city directory shows Oscar and Pearl Wire lived at 6528 Ashland Avenue (now Carrollton) in 1931. The city directories DO have many errors, but as the listing below shows, the Wires are not shown at this address.
I do know that State Senator Les Duvall (BRHS Class of 1942) and his family lived there during the depression. Les's grandfather was William Buser.
For many years it was Peggy Taylor's Hair Salon and is now Urban Optics. Amazingly, the house today looks almost identical to this photo.

1916 - Grant Newby, Douglas Rice (6340 Bellefontaine)
1917 - Ralph Heady, Douglas Rice (6340 Bellefontaine)
1918 - Jesse Blackburn, Douglas Rice (6340 Bellefontaine)
1919 - Jesse Blackburn (6340 Bellefontaine)
1920 - Charles Porter (6340 Bellefontaine)
1922 - Douglas Rice (6374 Bellefontaine)
1924 - Douglas Rice, Guy Hoyt (6372 Bellefontaine)
1926-1927 - Douglas A Rice, Grover Wise (6372 Bellefontaine)
1928 - Philip D Rice, Chas D Brittell (6372 Bellefontaine)
1929-1930 - Douglas A Rice (6372 Bellefontaine)
1931-1933 - Douglas A Rice, Wm S Buser (Duvall gparent) (6372 Bellefontaine)
1934-1935 - Douglas A Rice (6372 Bellefontaine)
1936-1937 - Douglas A Rice, Harold R Hindman (6372 Bellefontaine)
1938-1939 - Douglas A Rice, Fred Darnell (6372 Bellefontaine)
1940 - Philip D Rice, Fred H Darnell (6372 Bellefontaine)
1940-1945 - Philip D Rice, Fred H Darnell (now Guilford)
1947 - Robt Wire, Fred Darnell
1949 - Fred Darnell
1951 - Franklin E Gerty, Mary E Post, Thelma McNulty
1952 - Allen McLeod, Dorothy Hunter, Thelma Watson
1954 - Robt B Edie, Shirley Hunter
1955 - Robt B Edie
1956 - Robt B Edie, Julie Deutsch
1958 - Robt B Edie, Donald Enyart
1959 - Robt B Edie, Josephine Engart
1960 - Robt B Edie, Josephine Enyart, Alva Campbell
1961 - Robt B Edie, Josephine Enyart, Judy Turpin
1963 - Robt B Edie, Josephine Enyart, Loren T Turpin
1964 - Mary S Savage, Josephine Enyart, Loren T Turpin
1970 - Classic Coiffures, Robt Keller
1975-2010 - Peggy Taylor's Hair Salon
2013-present - Urban Optiks
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