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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: Sept. 07, 2023

Brewpub Quiz header

The winners of this past quiz were William And Kate Propagate with 16 points. The winners of the Best Team Name Competition were The Royal Baby Is 8.6 Pounds Which Is About 13 American Dollars.

Monster Movies
1) James Arness played the title role in what 1951 movie, which is set in a scientific facility at the North Pole?
2) What is the name of the three headed space dragon that Godzilla saves the earth from in a movie released in 1964?
3) An over-sized version of what creatures attacked humans in the 1954 movie Them!?
4) In 1953's Robot Monster, the monster of the title is played by an actor wearing a space helmet on his head and what on his body?

July History - Part Two
1) On July 17th 1941 Joe DiMaggio failed to get a hit in a game against the Cleveland Indians for the first time since May 15th 1941 when his famous hitting streak began. In how many consecutive games had he recorded a hit?
2) Adolph Hitler published his book Mein Kampf on July 18th 1925. What does Mein Kampf translate to in English?
3) Who was deposed as Queen of England after a reign of only nine days on July 19th 1553?
4) What luxury Italian ocean liner sank on July 25th 1956 after it collided with the passenger ship, Stockholm, off the coast of Nantucket?

1) To what five letter adjective beginning with "B" can you add the prefix DE to form a new word that has the exact same meaning as the original?
2) What two words, which are homonyms, can mean "stick to" or "split" respectively?
3) What six letter word that begins with "T" can mean "to soften" or "to strengthen"?
4) What seven letter word when spelled forwards means "distribute" and when spelled backwards means "despised"?

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons
1) Whose father spoke with the same voice as Jimmy Durante?
2) Who were the two "meeces" that Mr. Jinks "hated to pieces"?
3) Peter Potamus and his sidekick So-So the monkey traveled through time in a magical version of what mode of transportation?
4) Deputy Droop-a-Long was the sidekick to what character?

Classic Albums
1) What album, with a palindromic title, was released by The Grateful Dead in 1969?
2) What album released in 1971 starts out with the track Baba O'Reilly and finishes with the track Won't Get Fooled Again?
3) What rap group released the album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back in 1988?
4) Weezer's second album, Pinkerton, released in 1996, takes its name from a character in what Puccini opera?
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