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Old Town of Broad Ripple Meeting Minutes #168
posted: Jun. 09, 2022

This historic serial has run on and off in the last 18 years of the Broad Ripple Gazette. It appears that the last paper issue that had room for it was March 3, 2017. I will try to include it from here on out. The intention is to share the history of Broad Ripple, help people find their ancestors in the text, and to complete the transcriptions of these important early documents.
A key to this passage: Morgan Street is now Guilford, North is now 64th, Hancock is now Westfield. See more of our street name research at - Alan

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The Town of Broad Ripple was incorporated in 1894, and started holding regular meetings at that time. In each issue, I will print my transcription of the old Town of Broad Ripple meeting minutes. These are taken from the original, hand-written minutes that contain many spelling errors. I have transcribed all the records as they were entered, including errors. I will make some corrections to the text in brackets [ ]. The original minutes books are at the Indiana State Archives at 6440 E. 30th St.
For a partial (and currently being updated) list of previously published transcriptions of the minutes search here.

Here is the one-hundred sixty-eighth installment

Broad Ripple, Ind, Sept. 1st 1903.
The Board of Trustees of the Town of Broad Ripple met in regular session all members present.
The following bills were allowed.
To J.R. Metsker $30.00 one months salary as Marshal. Melvin Kail 1.50 one day as deputy marshal. James Smith $1.00 for two loads of gravel. H.E. Negley one years salary for services as legal adviser $50.00.
On motion Board adjourned.
DW Harcourt Pres.
J.E. Dungan Clerk

Broad Ripple, Ind, Sept. 9th 1903.
The Board of Trustees of the Town of Broad Ripple met in special session upon the call of the president D.W. Harcourt for the purpose of receiving bids on street improvements. No bids were received. The following resolution was unanimously adopted. "There being no objections to the improvement resolutions Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 heretofore adopted by this Board, be it resolved that the improvements be made as set out in said several improvements resolutions." Bids were reopened and advertising for same ordered. No further business. Board adjourned.
DH Harcourt Pres.
J.E. Dungan Clerk
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