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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz Answers

College Hoops Trivia
1) The College Basketball Invitational
2) Three Feet
3) 35
4) The Oregon Ducks defeated The Ohio State Buckeyes

Movie Casts
1) Two (Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier)
2) The Towering Inferno
3) Bugsy Malone
4) Apocalypto

1) Matthew Brady
2) Louis Jacques Daguerre
3) Ansel Adams
4) Single-Lens Reflex

Geographical American History
1) South Carolina
2) The Wright Brothers First Flight
3) Panmunjom
4) The Completion Of The Transcontinental Railway

TV Comedy Lyrics
1) Friends
2) All In The Family
3) Diff'rent Strokes
4) South Park

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