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Poetic Thoughts - by C.W. Pruitt II
posted: Jan. 07, 2021

Poetic Thoughts header

C-Dub's writings from 2009

Meeting Roberto Duran and Nancy Noël

I met Roberto Duran once when I worked at Penrod's Beach Club on Miami South Beach. I asked The Hands of Stone to autograph a dollar bill. He grunted. He autographed. I thanked him. He grunted.
My co-workers were amazed that I had the nerve to get Duran's autograph. They were a bunch of tough guys from Detroit, New York City, and such places, but would never consider approaching The Hands of Stone for an autograph. I thought it was a fun little adventure.
Meeting Nancy Noël was another story entirely. My sister Jennifer and I visited The Sanctuary in Zionsville last summer. We were told by the hostess that Nancy was downstairs. We were both excited by the possibility to meet the woman who so gloriously paints angels and Kenyans. Actually, I was quite nervous. When we went downstairs, we saw Nancy signing books. I hoped that Jennifer would approach her first, because she is a Zionsville resident. Then she claimed that I should approach first because I am an artist. I renounced myself as an artist.
Eventually we approached Nancy and we got some things signed and spoke to her for a while. It was very interesting, but I was still nervous. Meeting Roberto Duran was a breeze - the man who is so dangerous with his hands and his temper. But meeting Nancy Noël, who paints the softest of angels, was terrifying.
My niece Emma is a talented young artist. She recently wrote a paper for school on Nancy Noël as her hero. I don't know if she has met her yet. If she hasn't, I hope she doesn't ask her uncle for an introduction.
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