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Round the Ripple - by Bill Malcolm
posted: Dec. 15, 2017

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Year In Review And Resolutions For 2018
What column is not complete with a year in review (and a preview of the upcoming year)?
And what a year it has been for Broad Ripple Village. Highlights include:
● The announcement by IPS that Broad Ripple High School will close
● The repairs of roads in the Village
● The opening of the new Coil Apartments/Fresh Thyme Market/Canal Walk (as well as the 66th th Street Flats)
● The start of construction on the new building behind McDonald's on Westfield Boulevard and the new apartments on Westfield Boulevard (the old pool facility)
● The expansion of the Hotel Broad Ripple
● Further planning of the Red Line bus rapid transit line which will run along College Avenue
● The destruction of the old growth Sycamore trees along the White River (part of the Army Corps of Engineers flood control project)

Resolutions And Hopes For 2018
Here are a few thoughts on the state of affairs in the Village and resolutions for 2018.
The beleaguered Broad Ripple Pool
Let's hope the Broad Ripple Pool has a better year next summer. This year the too short two month season ended abruptly after a pool pump failed and it took a month to replace the part which was apparently ordered out of state.
When I moved here, the pool closed after Labor Day (not August 8), was open some weeknights, and had longer hours.
Now it opens after Memorial Day and closes on August 8, 2017 (and is also closed Mondays).
It's hardly worth it. The pool should at least stay open through Labor Day (or at least on weekends).
Maybe it should be sold to a private operator or the operations out sourced.

More street lights and street repair
Broad Ripple still needs more basic infrastructure-especially with all the new development. While it is fine to hope that such development is transit oriented, there are too many streets in need of repaving and there are too few street lights. Indy seems to skimp on basic infrastructure. We can't with all the new development.

Competitive challenges facing the Ripple
The Village is basically competing with downtown, Fountain Square, and Carmel for the resident growth so we need to stress what we have that they don't. This includes our Monon Trail, great parks (Broad Ripple, Holliday, and Marott), proximity to shopping on 86th Street, and diversity.
We need to grow beyond a bar and pizza/hamburger hang out place. (I love all 3 but does every new business need to be one?)

Relocation of Glendale Library
Glendale Library will be exiting the mall for a new location. Let's bring it back to the Village.

Second thoughts on transit
While I love the idea of bus rapid transit and the innovative BlueIndy shared car system, I don't see a lot of folks using either. No need to wait for the Red Line. The #17 and #18 IndyGo buses already serve downtown with high frequency.
Also, the idea that millennials will flock to the Red Line when they don't seem to take IndyGo much now concerns me.

In other news -

Winter Market Opens
Don't miss the Broad Ripple Winter Market which runs Saturdays from 9 to 12 at 5301 Winthrop (Bent Rail Brewery). Also weekends through the holidays is the Winter Market in Carmel which is from Wednesday through Sundays (and includes an ice rink, food, and adult beverages).

Art Center Student Show Debuts
On December 15, 2017, the 80th Annual Student Show Exhibition Opening will be held from 6-9 pm. See the largest juried exhibition of work made by our students. Each year more than 400 works are submitted and only some of the works are selected by the judges to be displayed.
Note that the Art Center will also be closed for the Holidays December 23 through January 1.

December 15, 2017 - Last chance to enroll in Affordable Care Act Insurance. Go to You may qualify for a subsidy and no cost premiums.

Bill Malcolm also writes a travel column in The Midwest Eagle and is a reporter for All Aboard Indiana (as a volunteer for both). He advocates for fair and affordable utility rates for a national association based in Washington, D.C. He welcomes reader feedback and story ideas. Send to
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins