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Gettin' Ripped in Ripple - by Laura Minor
posted: Jan. 09, 2015

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Exercise Proper FIT-iquette
If you are a regular gym-goer during the entire year, you will undoubtedly notice an upswing in attendance in the New Year due to those determined for better health. Many people get annoyed by the "newbies" because the gym is much more crowded than usual, which I understand. But I also urge you to be patient and applaud the fact that he or she is attempting a positive change. What is probably the biggest offender when the gym (or trail, or park) is busy is the lack of exercise etiquette. The needs and experience of others should be equally important as your own, and keeping that in mind would help for a positive health/exercise relationship in and outside of the gym. Here are some tips for those new AND not new fitness fanatics to keep in mind in the New Year and always! I will admit that most of these tips have been broken by my clients from time to time (and maybe EVEN myself), so if you are reading this and you have done some of the following rest assured I will not name names. 
• When you are done using a piece of cardio equipment, spray and wipe it down. I have gotten on more treadmills and bikes drenched in sweat than I would like to divulge and it is downright disgusting! Same goes for any equipment. No one wants to use a sweaty weight. Yes these points seem obvious but they are often broken.
• When using a fitness trail such as the Monon, stay on the right side so that others may pass. If on a bike say "on your left" so a runner or walker doesn't veer over and create an accident. Also, it NEVER hurts to wave or say "good morning" to those braving the elements along with you. I see some of the same people out there year after year who have never smile or waved. What gives?!
• Make sure to share if people would like to use equipment you are already on. You can alternate sets since you will need a short rest in between anyhow.
• When you are in a car remember how nice it is for you when out on a walk or ride when drivers stop for you at cross walks . And when a driver lets you pass, thank them with a friendly wave.
• Put away all of your equipment! A cluttered gym is very unsafe.
• If at a fitness class, listen to the instructor as much as possible. They are there to lead you so you do not hurt yourself. . . oh and don't listen to headphones.
• If the cardio equipment is busy, please stick to the "30-minute rule" so that others can have a turn. You can always try another type of cardio machine if you prefer to go longer.
• If there are new people at a class offer to let them be positioned closer to the instructor if they desire.
• If you have your pet or child with you on the trail try to keep them on the correct side, and if you have a mean dog. . . please leave he or she at home!
• Lastly, for the love of god, please do not slam down weights/equipment. It is disrespectful to the others at the gym. Imagine if every single person there did this? Not pleasant!
Of course there are several more types of examples but the overall theme is clear. Be considerate to others in their efforts towards their health goals and, most likely and hopefully, others will do the same for you. GOOD LUCK with all of your new ventures in 2015 readers; both fitness related and otherwise!!

Laura Minor owner and operator of So.Be.Fit. Personal Training and Fitness studio located at 54th and the Monon. She is passionate about teaching others how to "FIT" exercise and physical activity into their daily lives, and have fun while doing so! Visit her website at or e-mail
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