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Buzzing Around Town - by Nora Spitznogle
posted: Nov. 16, 2007

Buzzing Around Town

I try not to use this column for personal reasons, you know, let's say, to promote a show that I'm involved in or to find my Old Navy denim jacket with the Neko Case and Amy Lashley buttons on the pocket (if you've seen it, e-mail please). But I must tell you about the Tonic Ball on Friday, November 16, 2007, at Radio Radio and Fountain Square Theatre. First of all, it's not a traditional ball - no white gloves or formal dresses, please. It is a whoo hoo, fun-night-of-music kind of ball; the kind where 31 bands gather to play the songs of the Clash and Madonna. The kind where all of those bands donate their time so the whole 20 dollar cover charge goes to Second Helpings to help feed the hungry people of greater Indianapolis. The kind that makes you feel really good about Indianapolis and the generous music community.
The artists of the community are equally generous. The Tonic Gallery will feature 100 works of art. Friday, November 16. Wheeler Arts Community in Fountain Square. The Gallery is free and open to all ages.
I'll see you there. I'll be the one running around like a nut with a huge smile of gratitude on my face.
Tickets are available at Future Shock and Luna Music.
For more information:


The ReachArounds
Daddy Jack's
Halloween Night
I stopped in to see the ReachArounds after a wholesome night of hanging out with my cheerleader costumed niece, soldier-camouflage-wearing nephew and eating my weight in Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers.
The ReachArounds were in rare form and dressed for Halloween. Randy King sat in for Keith Carey and the devilish John Byrne took over Scott Ballantine's guitar spot. I not-so-subtlety sat in front of John and looked longingly at his pedal steel until he played it. Scott Sanders (vocals and guitar), BenWah Salami (vocals and percussion) and drummer Robin Reuter rounded out the lineup. They had the costumed crowd on their feet and dancing.

BenWah Salami on Halloween.
BenWah Salami on Halloween.
image courtesy of Nora Spitznogle

Buzzing Around Town - by Nora Spitznogle
image courtesy of Nora Spitznogle

CD release party
November 10, 2007
Tim Considine (chief Derelick) had a party to celebrate the release of his newest album, Trouble at the Circus. And for a fun twist he had the Spud Puppies play. Several members of the Spud Puppies play on the Derelicks record. I have a huge confession. I had never heard the Spud Puppies live. I've heard all of the musicians play in other bands and solo projects and I've listened to their CD Off The Leash a whole bunch, but never saw the band. I'm glad that I finally did. They are incredible. You can see their newgrass goodness for yourself on Saturday, November 17, at Local's Only.
Tim played a solo set. I only got to hear a few songs before I had to run to work (I was feeling very Cinderella-ish, only my glass slippers were a pair of cowboy boots). I have been listening to the CD for the last few days. Tim's lyrics are very clever and he used first-rate musicians. I'm also loving the short instrumental tunes between the songs.

Tim Considine of the Derelicks.
Tim Considine of the Derelicks.
image courtesy of Nora Spitznogle


Friday, November 16, 2007
Edie Carey and Emily White
Boulevard Place Café
4155 Boulevard Place
7 p.m., all-ages, non-smoking, $10
Edie Carey sings like a dream, her songs are incredible and she's an amazing person. You can't go wrong with this show, I promise. Edie is touring with Emily White. I met Emily when she spent a summer as Edie's tour manager. She got to see the touring musician world up close - including the glamour of sleeping on an air-mattress on my dining room floor. Even so, she embraced the life style of an independent musician and is setting the indie music scene on fire.
Boulevard Place has excellent food and a great vibe. Have dinner and be enveloped in the goodness that is Edie Carey. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Terrance Blanchard
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 N. College Ave
Two shows: 7:00 and 9:00, doors open at 5:00 for dinner.
21+, non-smoking, $25
New-Orleans-native Terrance Blanchard's last two records have been a response to Hurricane Katrina. The ideas for these songs were jump started by Spike Lee and his documentary on the aftermath of the hurricane. Terrance has scored several of Lee's films including Mo'BetterBlues, MalcolmX, The25thHour and InsideMan.
Trumpeter Terrance will by joined by an all-star lineup of Brice Winston on saxophone, Derrick Hodge playing bass, drummer Kendrick Scott and Aaron Scott playing piano.
Be sure and call ahead for reservations. I have a feeling this show will sell out.

Group Show
G.C. Lucas Gallery
Thursday, November 29, 2007
4930 N. Pennsylvania St.
5:30 to 8:00
The theme of this show is "through a keyhole not a picture window." Gallery owner Greg Lucas asked 10 artists for their artistic thoughts on the theme. I can't wait to see what they come up with. 5 percent of the sales that night will benefit Second Helpings.

Not-for-profit director by day, music writer by night, Nora Spitznogle reviews music that happened and previews music and events around Broad Ripple Village. Nora managed CATH Inc coffeehouse at 54th Street and College Avenue for seven years. During that time she hosted hundreds of local and touring musicians, both at the coffeehouse and her home. When CATH closed in 2004 and the music was no longer coming to her, she had to wander from her corner of Broad Ripple to see what is happening elsewhere. You can find her at Second Helpings during the work day, waitressing at the Red Key on Saturday nights and prowling Broad Ripple music venues the rest of the time. Visit Nora's Web site, send any questions, comments or suggestions to
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins