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BRVA still not satisfied with Winthrop Condo changes - By Ashley Plummer
posted: Oct. 05, 2007

By Ashley Plummer

The Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) Land Use and Development Committee worked overtime this past month, attending two meetings downtown to discuss one of the most controversial projects in the village-the Winthrop condominium development.
Dave Gilman, representative for the development (located at 6159-6171 Winthrop), missed the first meeting at the City-County building in downtown Indianapolis, so the committee, as well as various city representatives, were present on September 21 to discuss the development.
After initially being turned down by the city, the developers are asking that the project be reconsidered. Gilman said that they have reduced the density from 25 units to 23. The BRVA had previously not supported the project because of the density of the condos.
However, the BRVA was also opposed to the parking problem the condos would bring to the village.
"We'll do what we can to make this work," Gilman said. "We won't be losing any parking."
For each condo built, 2.3 parking spaces will be available on average, which includes one and two-car garages that will be provided in each condominium.Members of the BRVA committee commented that not many people own 0.3 cars.
Regardless, staff at the city had few comments on the development, in which each condo would sell between $240,000 and $260,000 apiece. The development plans will be reheard before the city voting committee on October 17. The Gazette will continue to keep readers informed on what will take place on the properties.
At the actual zoning meeting on September 25, there was one other piece of property discussed beyond the Winthrop Condominiums.
Doctor David Brunner, owner and founder of the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic, is hoping to open an animal training facility and daycare at the old Missing Link Records location, 6053 College Ave.
The working name for the operation is "Bark Tutor." Brunner and his representative, Steve Mears, said that they have been given permission by Doug Jennings at Park Tudor, who is excited about the name and the business.
"Not everyone can be somewhere one day a week, every week after work to train their dog," Brunner said. "This operation will allow pet owners to drop their dogs off before work and pick them up afterwards with a day's worth of training."
He also added that there will be no overnight boarding permitted.
Brunner also plans to renovate the building to provide an upstairs where smaller dogs will be trained and a downstairs for larger dogs. He said he will keep the mural that had previously been painted on the side of the building.
Brunner and Mears' hearing with the city will take place on October 16, 2007.

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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins