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What Rich Lather loves about Broad Ripple... Music: a cultural staple found at its best in Broad Ripple
posted: Dec. 01, 2006

I hereby proclaim the new downtown of Indianapolis as Broad Ripple!!! Let this joyous news ring through out the boroughs. Wait, what's that? Downtown IS a geographical location? Okay then, I hereby proclaim Broad Ripple as today's heart & soul of Indianapolis.
So who am I that proclaims such bold proclamations? A weary traveler from beyond the cosmos who for a short 6 month tenure has called Indianapolis and Broad Ripple his home. Upon being sent here by strange and powerful forces to access the culture in what appears to be a virtually cultureless state, I initially sought domicile in Carmel, then Fountain Square, before I landed in the Broad Ripple. Having trouble in this metropolis by comparison, I soon realized that if I wanted to take anything positive away from Indianapolis, it was my attitude that needed to change. Alas, I stumbled upon the mini metropolis that is Broad Ripple.
So how is it that I come to such bold and grandiose proclamations? Well, it is simple really. In a word: Music!! Not literally sound but rather the idea of music and what it represents.
Who is the greatest band (or music) of all time? Well surely everyone knows its R.E.O. Speedwagon. Wait, what's that? You say it's Harry Bellefonte? Who's right? The point here is that it matters not who is right, but rather that we are all passionate about music.
Music of the soul is obviously different for everyone. For some there is no music in their soul (cheer up emo kid). For some the music of their soul can only be found in others, (learn to love yourself before others dependent lovers). Regardless, the variety of the music of your soul may change from time to time and is allowed to be what ever you desire.
In my travels abroad I have met many people in many walks of life. Unless you are extremely lame or soulless, you are probably passionate about your favorite music, regardless of how bad it is. The point here is that the greatest musician in the world is who ever you think the greatest musician in the world is.
More so than any place in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple has any type of "music" your soul may want - most of which is accessible by Indianapolis's great public transportation system, your bike. Not only does getting there cost less than a gallon of gas, it's actually healthy! Go out and enjoy the Monon trail.
That is the reason in a nutshell that Broad Ripple is the heart and soul of Indianapolis. At the heart and soul of everything is music, not sound but rather that cohesive device that makes all things copacetic, the glue of all people. Whether it's the music of the mouth (food), the music of movement (dancing) the music of the eyes (visual art) the music of personal interaction (sociology), or the music of education (reading material) you'll find it in Broad Ripple. Even if you hate people you can come to Broad Ripple and people watch and actually add further purpose to your cause by seeing first hand why it is you hate people.
Name your passion. Find it in the Broad Ripple. But please, mind the pedestrians and no speeding.

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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins