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Converted from paper version of the Broad Ripple Gazette (v01n01)
A Message from your editor
by Alan Hague
posted: May 13, 2004

I will include this section for a few issues so everyone can get a chance to find out who I am and why I started the Gazette.
I am a life-long resident of Broad Ripple. My family has been in Broad Ripple for many generations. Jacob Coil, who platted and named Broad Ripple in 1837, had two daughters that married into my family in the 1870s.
My grandfather was a mail carrier at the BR post office and a charter member of the American Legion Post. My grandmother worked at the Broad Ripple National Bank in Mustard Hall that became Fletcher Trust, then AFNB and now is Bank One. My Uncle worked at Hoster-Roberts Ford that is now Passwater's and the Old Pros Table. My Great-Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle, Father and Sister all graduated from BRHS. I am class of 1978 and met my wife in Mr. Kassig's chemistry class. Our son is a sophomore and plays bass trombone in the marching band. I am the currently the organizer of the BRHS Reunions for the classes of the 1930s and early 1940s.
For many years I have wanted a newspaper that answered my questions. Where did that store go? Why were those people digging on the corner? When is the BRHS Homecoming Parade? What goes on in that business?
The Gazette will be that paper. You will get an unbiased look into what is going on in Broad Ripple, as I have no financial interests in Broad Ripple nor am I affiliated with any organizations. I am simply a Broad Ripple resident that is passionate about the area. You will also read about the history of Broad Ripple. This history continues to expand as I uncover new sources of stories and photos.
Being a bi-weekly paper we will not be able to cover news "as it happens". Our focus is on issues that are not time sensitive. These are stories that you will probably never see anywhere else, so getting them a week or so later will be so much better than not at all. I have hundreds of stories planned, but if there is something you want to read about please let us know.
I think you will enjoy the Gazette. I know I will enjoy bringing it to you.
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins