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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: Jun. 06, 2024

Brewpub Quiz header

The winners of the June 4th, 2024, quiz were 0 For 34 with 35 points in a tiebreaker over Hot Felony Summer and 34 And There's So Much More. The winners of the Best Team Name Competition were Whiskeypedia.

Round One: Movies Where People Met Their Future Spouses
1) On what 1984 film did Steven Spielberg direct his future wife actress Kate Capshaw?
2) Starring in the universally panned 2001 movie Gigli led to a romance between what actor and actress who ended up marrying other people before getting back together some twenty years later?
3) Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, both natives of Spain, started dating while starring in what 2008 movie directed by Woody Allen, that also starred Scarlett Johansson?
4) What couple that met on the set of the 1997 movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, also played Freddy and Daphne in the 2002 movie Scooby-Doo and its 2004 sequel?
5) Moneyball Question: What famous Hollywood couple, who met on the set of the 1944 movie To Have And Have Not, always called each other Slim and Steve, the names of their characters from the movie?

Round Two: Picture Round - Famous Elizabeths
1) Who is this singer-songwriter? She is known for her critically acclaimed 1993 album Exile In Guyville, which she has said is a response of sorts to a critically acclaimed 1972 album by what major rock band?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

2) Who is this politician? What state does she represent in the senate?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

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3) This is a portrait of what woman who was the first American born person to be made a saint? She was canonized in 1975 by Pope Paul VI, but was initially beatified in 1963 by what pope, who is known for Vatican II?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

4) Who is this author? What is the title of her most famous book, a 2006 memoir that was made into a 2010 movie starring Julia Roberts?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

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5) Who is this actress? She's most well-known for playing Samantha Stevens for eight seasons on what sit-com?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

Round Three: June 4th - The Day In History
1) In 1783, what two French brothers became the first to publicly conduct a hot-air balloon flight?
2) In 1913, British woman Emily Davis ran in front of King George V's horse during The Epsom Derby as a form of protest. She later died from the injuries she sustained. She was a member of what group, whose American equivalent helped to get an amendment to the constitution passed by Congress six years later to the day?
3) In 1927, on the second and final day in the inaugural event of what sporting competition that takes place every other year, American Walter Hagen captained a team that defeated a team that was captained by Englishman Ted Ray?
4) In 1942, what major battle began, which is considered the turning point in the United States' eventual victory over Japan during World War II?
5) Moneyball Question: What Polynesian country, once known as The Friendly Islands, gained its independence from Britain in 1970?

Round Four: Alphabetical World Capitals
1) Of the following countries' capitals which comes first alphabetically: Cyprus, Chile, Nepal or Australia?
2) Of the following countries' capitals which comes last alphabetically: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua or Panama?
3) Of the following countries' capitals which comes first alphabetically: Algeria, Libya, Sudan or Ethiopia?
4) Of the following countries' capitals which comes last alphabetically: Croatia, Poland, Hungary or Bulgaria?
5) Moneyball Question: Of the following countries' capitals which comes last alphabetically: Mongolia, Syria, Laos or Yemen?

Round Five: Sports Terms
1) In Football what name is given to a kick that's designed to bounce along the ground rather than go through the air?
2) In the game of Darts what is the "Oche"?
3) In Ice Hockey, a Gordie Howe Hattrick is when a player scores a goal, has an assist, and does what else, all in the same game?
4) In Diving, when the diver keeps their legs straight while bending at the waist so that their head and chest are against their legs, they are said to be in what position?
5) Moneyball Question: In Rugby, a ball that goes out of bounds is said to be in what?

Round Six: 21 - A Music Round
1) What are the next three words in the following lyrics from a song recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1965: "When I turned twenty-one it was a _____"?
2) What singer-songwriter released a critically acclaimed album titled 21 in 2011?
3) The song 21 Guns by Green Day was featured on what 2009 album, that was a follow up to their 2004 album American Idiot?
4) What composer's Piano Concerto no. 21, written in 1785, is often referred to as Elvira Madigan because of the extensive use of the second movement in the 1967 Swedish film of the same name?
5) Moneyball Question: What 1995 album by The Smashing Pumpkins was released as a double album on CD with track number 21 titled Thru The Eyes Of Ruby and at the same time as a triple album on vinyl with track number 21 being Where The Boys Fear To Tread?
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