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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: May 09, 2024

Brewpub Quiz header

The winners of the May 7, 2024, quiz were Cats For Kristi Noem with 37 points. The winners of the Best Team Name Competition were It Was A Dark And Stormy Daniels.

Round One: True Crime Films
1) Buster, is a 1988 movie that tells the story of Buster Edwards, who was one of the gang members who committed England's Great Train Robbery of 1963. What British musician played the title role and contributed songs to the soundtrack including Two Hearts and A Groovy Kind Of Love?
2) In a 2019 movie, a real-life group of exotic dancers turn to crime when they start drugging wealthy men who frequent their club and then use their credit cards with the ringleader being played by Jennifer Lopez. What is the movie's title?
3) What comedic actress received a Best Actress Oscar nomination for playing Lee Israel, a real-life writer in the 2018 movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? who makes money by forging letters she says were written by deceased celebrities which she then sells to collectors?
4) Val Kilmer stars as what porn star who was suspected of being involved in the murder of four people in the 2003 movie Wonderland?
5) Moneyball Question: Richard Attenborough plays the serial killer John Christie in what 1971 film whose title is the killer's London address where he carried out most of his crimes?

Round Two: Picture Round - Famous People Of Mexican Birth
1) Who is this filmmaker? What acclaimed 2006 Spanish language dark fantasy film did he write and direct?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

2) Who is this artist? He is best known for producing what kind of paintings?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

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3) Who is this figure from the sports world? In what sport was she ranked number one for 158 weeks in the 2000s?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

4) Who is this actor? He played Tenoch in the 2001 film Y Tu Mamá También. Who played the part of Julio in the same film, also a well-known Mexican born actor?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

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5) Who is this actress? She was one of the stars of what 1952 movie that also starred Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly?
quiz image
image courtesy of BR Brewpub

Round Three: May 7th - The Day In History
1) In 1429 forces led by Joan Of Arc broke the English siege of what French city, which gave her a title that she was later often referred to by?
2) In 1928 the Pulitzer Prize was awarded for the novel The Bridge At San Luis Rey to what author?
3) What major company, which was founded in 1946, was originally known as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering?
4) In 1960, who was promoted to the position of President of the Soviet Union, a man who four years later succeeded Nikita Kruschev as General Secretary Of The Communist Party, the highest position in the Soviet Union?
5) Moneyball Question: In 1915, a German U-Boat sank the RMS Lusitania off the coast of what Irish county, Ireland's largest, which eventually led to the US entering World War I?

Round Four: Your Indiana Pacers
1) During the regular season The Pacers led the NBA in what two scoring categories?
2) The Pacers lead all other teams in the playoffs in what statistic as a team?
3) During the All Star weekend in Indianapolis a Pacers team made up of Tyrese Haliburton, Miles Turner, and what other player, who won the MVP in the Rising Stars Tournament, won the Skills Challenge?
4) Prior to coming to The Pacers in a midseason trade, with what team had Pascal Siakam spent the entirety of his career to that point, winning a championship with them in 2019?
5) Moneyball Question: The Pacers beat the Milwaukee Bucks 4-2 in their first playoff series. In what year did The Pacers' last series victory, which was over The Atlanta Hawks, occur?

Round Five: Pick a Letter (all the answers to these questions start with the same letter, you decide which one)
1) Two rivers, one which forms part of the border between Minnesota and North Dakota and one which forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma both share what colorful name?
2) What collection of poems attributed to Persian polymath Omar Khayyam features one poem that contains the lines: A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou beside me singing in the wilderness"?
3) What large breed of dog gets its name from the former name of the African country Zimbabwe?
4) What implement is amongst the tools used by farriers to shoe horses?
5) Moneyball Question: What is the surname of the main protagonist in Fyodor Dostoevsky's 1866 novel Crime And Punishment?

Round Six: Opening Songs in Broadway Shows
1) In what Broadway show that premiered in 1943 does Curly sing Oh What A Beautiful Morning?
2) What show that opened on Broadway in 1975 begins with the song I Hope I Get It?
3) The first song in what Broadway musical that opened in 1956, which is sung by one of the main characters, features the lines: "There even are places where English completely disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!"?
4) The first song in the Broadway show Hamilton, which premiered in 2015, is suitably titled Alexander Hamilton. What character in the musical has the first line in the song?
5) Moneyball Question: What show that premiered on Broadway in 2005, opens with the Fisch Schlapping Song, because the cast thinks that the narrator who is setting the scene for the show was talking about Finland rather than England?
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