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Gas Cards for Guns Event May 25 at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
posted: May 09, 2024

The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition will offer a gun surrender event on Saturday, May 25 from 1 to 4 pm in the church parking lot at 3801 Forest Manor Ave.
The Coalition is concerned about the high level of gun violence and the harm that is being done through suicide, unintentional shootings, and other gun violence. A difficult moment can turn into a tragedy simply because a gun is nearby. This event provides a way to dispose of guns without returning them to the marketplace, where they could be used for future harm.
"We know that gun violence is complex. We need many solutions that address this public health crisis and cultivate a safer Indianapolis. This event is just one small piece of the puzzle." Rebecca McCracken, Coalition Coordinator
WHEN: Saturday, May 25 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
WHERE: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 3801 Forest Manor Ave
Anyone may bring unwanted and unloaded guns to be dismantled and later made into art pieces and garden tools by local artists and Indy Peace Fellows. Gun donors are anonymous. Firearms without a serial number will not be accepted. Participants will be asked to confirm that the guns being turned in were not stolen or used in a crime. Ammunition is not accepted.
For the May 25 event, unloaded guns should be placed in the trunk of a car, bed of a truck, or the rear of a van. Skilled personnel will remove the firearms from vehicles and transfer them to a saw station. Trained volunteers will use power tools to make cuts to the gun, according to guidelines from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Once the gun is dismantled, it is no longer legally a gun.
Participants will be given gas gift cards for turning in guns. Gift Card Amounts:
  • $25 for a non-functioning firearm
  • $100 for a shotgun or rifle
  • $150 for a revolver or semi-automatic handgun
  • $200 for a semi-automatic rifle
  • * while supplies last
The event will feature resource tables with community partners. The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition will distribute free gun lock boxes to residents of Indianapolis who own firearms. (Supplies are limited; one free lock box per household will be provided. Participants must be present to receive the item, and recipients must be 18 or older. No ID required.)
Please note that this event will not be open to the press. Gun donors will be anonymous; photography will prohibited except for our designated photographer so as not to capture any identifying information including vehicles, faces, or license plates. We kindly request that members of the media refrain from attending the event. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting this decision.
To contribute a tax-deductible gift for the project, go to
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