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Poetic Thoughts - Sanford and Son and Grandma - by C.W. Pruitt II
posted: Aug. 04, 2022

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Sanford and Son and Grandma

Sanford and Son makes me happy. Maybe it's Redd Foxx. Maybe it's the Quincy Jones music or the set (I always dug that junk).
But the truth is, I used to watch Sanford and Son with my grandmother. Grandma was soft and sweet. She would sink into her chair with something to sew or read. Grandma liked to multi-task while she watched TV. I became the same way. I like to draw or write during TV watching.
Grandma would giggle and her body would jiggle when Fred Sanford would get going. Grandma and I would particularly enjoy it when Fred G. Sanford would begin faking a heart attack.
This was a source of great consternation for my grandfather. Grandpa felt that heart attacks were no laughing matter.
For some reason, this made the show even funnier. There was something about the two things occurring at the same time - Fred G. Sanford (famous dirty comic Redd Foxx) doing his signature move (faking a heart attack) while grandpa (James G. Pruitt) becomes increasingly crotchety over Fred's (Redd's) antics.
I don't recall grandma laughing like she did when we watched Sanford and Son. It was like she became uncharacteristically jolly. To remember grandma's giggling and jiggling in her chair while sewing is the reason that Sanford and Son makes me happy.
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