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IMPD/BRVA Safety Meeting
by Alan Hague
posted: Jun. 23, 2022

The Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) hosted a special Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Safety Meeting at the Indianapolis Art Center at 6pm on June 13, 2022. There were around 240 in attendance. This meeting was scheduled before the June 13th early morning shootings in the 6300 block of Guilford Avenue.

BRVA Executive Director Jordan Dillon

IMPD Sergeant Stewart presented local crime stats.

IMPD Sergeant Stewart

Commander Michael Wolley spoke about the current state of IMPD North District. He said that the district is 74 square miles in area and has around 1600 of the maximum 1850 officers on the force. IMPD has doubled the overtime officer patrols in the area. There was an evaluation made of Guilford Avenue to access street lighting, cameras, and other features that affect public safety. Recommendations were made to the appropriate City departments.

IMPD Commander Michael Wolley

Commander Wolley also stated that IMPD has no authority to peruse NextDoor to look for crime postings. He said that sometimes residents will screenshot the app to forward an item to IMPD. Wolley emphasized that residents must contact IMPD directly with crimes issues.
Joe, from Hoosier Security, talked about his B-Link camera installation business. B-Link is a system where a business purchases and installs private cameras, and then allows those cameras to also be directly accessible by IMPD. He said the average camera install (2 camera minimum) for a business runs about $1200. The camera hosting fee is $20 per month.
Home doorbell and security cameras can also be registered with IMPD. IMPD would not have direct access to the camera footage, but would be aware of the camera location in case a future case could benefit from it. IMPD would then come and request the recordings.
A number of attendees came up to the microphone to ask questions. These included subjects such as
  • parties in Kroger, Vogue and Sun King lots that generate noise and trash problems
  • comments about license plate readers that have been successfully used in other parts of the city
  • a person who reported a crime and was told by IMPD that nothing could be done (Commander Wolley stated that if that ever happens to call a supervisor)
  • the BRVA was asked if it could require bars to hire extra security (the answer was no)
  • it was asked if anyone was tracking the police runs to each bar to eventually remonstrate against a liquor license renewal for a troublesome bar (those licenses come up for renewal every two years).

People lined up to ask questions

Several restaurant, bar and club owners who were in the audience came to the microphone, including Casba (6319 Guilford Avenue [G5 on map]), Brothers, and Mineshaft/Average Joe's/Rock Lobster. Each said they are working with the BRVA to increase security. It was said that Casba currently spends more than $50,000 a year on off-duty officers and another $30,000 for security.
The last person from the audience to speak was from Lava Lounge (6308 Guilford Avenue [G4 on map]). For some reason, this person did not get the microphone and it was very difficult to hear what he was saying. What I did hear, is that LAVA has been open since 2011 and these shootings are a recent happening. He said that LAVA realizes it has made mistakes and not been a good neighbor at times, but is working with the BRVA to increase security measures around the club. He also said he would give his phone number and anyone with concerns in the future should contact him.
The next regularly scheduled public meeting of the BRVA is planned for October 18, 2022.

IMPD/BRVA Safety Meeting
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