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City Seeks Proposals For Reuse Of Electric Infrastructure Within Right-Of-Way
posted: Jun. 23, 2022

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works announced the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the "Re-imagining the Curb" program. This RFP calls for proposals to reuse the space and underground electric infrastructure of the former BlueIndy electric vehicle (EV) sites.
"Over the past few years, Indianapolis has been on the forefront of finding innovative ways to keep improving our transportation infrastructure network," said Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. "With the help of community-based research, the City has identified beneficial frameworks for how sites may be used, but this RFP also keeps the door open to creative ideas and services."
The RFP offers two response options - Mobility and Non-Mobility. The City seeks mobility-based responses that will enhance Indianapolis's overall transportation and mobility network, providing Indianapolis residents with improved access to services such as EV charging and micro-mobility. Non-mobility responses are encouraged to be proposals that benefit the broader communities surrounding each location, such as placemaking opportunities, resource providers, or gathering spaces for art and culture.
In 2014-15, the City of Indianapolis and Marion County contributed $6 million to support the rollout of underground electrical infrastructure for BlueIndy services. Following the company's decision to exit from the Indianapolis market in 2019 (and in acknowledgement of the previous investment), City leadership committed to continued collaboration with a broad coalition of advocates to ensure that financially-sustainable options for the existing electric charging infrastructure were fully explored.
Continuing to leverage its existing initial investment in the underground infrastructure, Indy DPW is requesting proposals that do not seek additional financial investments from the City. However, City staff have continued to determine how best to collaborate with IndyGo and other mobility providers, as well as to determine the legal and feasibility constraints for future use on each site. Included in the RFP is an initial suitability analysis framework for various sites as well as findings from a community survey and a previously released Request for Information.
Potential sites for mobility and non-mobility reuse are scattered throughout Indianapolis, presenting an opportunity for multiple neighborhoods to benefit and/or participate. Internal analysis suggests that a combination of uses might be the best fit for taking advantage of the below-ground infrastructure at these sites, and that different usage combinations are appropriate for different locations around the city.
The RFP (titled Reimaging the Curb: RFP-14DPW-1511) is posted on the City's bid portal here. To be awarded a contract, vendors must be registered with the City of Indianapolis.

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