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Carmel Christkindlmarkt 2021
posted: Sept. 30, 2021

The Carmel Christkindlmarkt is excited to reveal the 2021 design of the iconic, annual collectible mug used to serve Glühwein, hot chocolate or another favorite warm beverage. The Christkindlmarkt will return in 2021 beginning November 20 and continue through Christmas Eve at Carter Green, just steps off the Monon Greenway. More than 300,000 visited the Christkindlmarkt in 2019.
This year the light blue color was carefully chosen to pay honor to the healthcare and essential workers who have been tirelessly working to get us through the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of our event in 2020. The design also features a white dove with an olive branch in its beak placed on the handle of the mug.
"We wanted to acknowledge the difficult time this pandemic has been for all of us. It has been a collective experience with which everyone can relate. The dove is a universal symbol of hope for better times ahead and peace on earth. It feels like an appropriate time to be putting that message out into the world." said Maria Murphy, CEO and Market Master.
In previous years, the boot featured different colors and designs. The iconic Palladium concert hall has been prominently featured in the past, but this year it has been moved to a side view and the Glühwein Pyramid was added to the mug for the first time. Inspired by the traditional German Christmas decoration called the "Weihnachtspyramide" or Christmas Pyramid, this bigger-than-life-size version of the Christmas Pyramid has a rich history and tradition at Christmas markets in Germany.
Carmel Christkindlmarkt imported its Glühwein Pyramid in 2018 from Germany. Shipped in three large pieces, it is assembled each year on the grounds of Carter Green in November. When it first arrived, it was the first of its kind in the United States. It stands 33 feet tall, weighs an estimated 10 tons and features more than 3,000 lights.
"The Pyramid is a unique attraction that the City of Carmel is proud to have as part of our landscape each holiday season," said Mayor Jim Brainard. "We receive feedback from visitors from all over the country that our Christkindlmarkt is the most authentic market of its kind in the United States. The Pyramid is a big part of creating that authentic, one-of-a-kind attraction."
These collectible mugs are exclusively available for sale at the market while supplies last. Mugs can be purchased at various booths throughout the market with or without a beverage. In addition, to the 2021 boot mugs limited numbers of prior years will also be available at the market this winter.
There are many ways for people to get involved with the Christkindlmarkt, from volunteering to becoming a sponsor! More information on opportunities for involvement can be found at
The Market will be open through December 24. For a list of all hours and more information, please visit

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