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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: Jun. 10, 2021

Brewpub Quiz header

Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz for Questions from a past Brewpub Quiz. This quiz was won by The Black Friars with 19 points. The winners of the Best Name competition were The Pat McAfee Swim Club.

Box Office Bombs
1) What movie released in 2003 starred Bennifer?
2) Who directed the 1980 movie Heaven's Gate?
3) Who played the title role in the 1997 movie The Postman?
4) What 1990 movie directed by Brian De Palma was based on a bestseller by Tom Wolfe?

1) What artist released the album Kind of Blue in 1959?
2) The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of what larger mountain range?
3) What is the common name for the small, most often blue flowers of the genus Myosotis?
4) What breed of dog has a distinctive blue-black tongue?

1) Who wrote The Cherry Orchard?
2) Willy Loman is the main protagonist in what play?
3) The musical My Fair Lady is based on what George Bernard Shaw play?
4) In T. S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, who is the murder victim?

Old and New (the answers to these questions have either the word "old" or the word "new" in them)
1) What Charles Dickens' novel features Little Nell?
2) What cinematic movement was spearheaded by such directors as Francois Truffaut and Jean Luc Goddard?
3) What is the most populous state in Australia?
4) According to the folk song who "ain't what she used to be"?

Music Trivia
1) What grand opera by Giuseppe Verde is set in Ancient Egypt?
2) Who had a hit earlier this year with "The Lazy Song"?
3) Who composed the piano solo known as Fur Elise?
4) What musical, with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, is based on stories by Damon Runyon?
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