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Poetic Thoughts - by C.W. Pruitt II
posted: Apr. 01, 2021

Poetic Thoughts header

I wrote the poem below while watching Wayne Dyer give a talk on PBS. One of Dr. Dyer's chief influences was Ram Das. Ram Das wrote Be Here Now. I read the book about 10 years ago while sitting on the toilet. (An ideal place for such a read.)

A Reasonable Affirmation

I was there.
I am here.
I was there then.
I am here now.
What I achieved then
is still within me.
But I am here now.
I have potential
that I have
not yet touched.
I am here now
and I can touch
new potential.
This is a
reasonable assumption.
(repeat as necessary)

C.W. Pruitt II
August 8, 2009
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