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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: Feb. 18, 2021

Brewpub Quiz header

Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz for Questions from a past Brewpub Quiz. This quiz was won by The Pub Snugglers with 13 points in a tie break with The Black Friars, If It Weren't For Scissors Our Hair Would Be Longer, Horatio's Skull and The Jolly Rogers.

Historic Heroes
1) Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, an 11th Century Spanish nobleman and military leader, was better known as what?
2) Clara Barton was the founder of what organization?
3) What Revolutionary War leader said: "I have not yet begun to fight" in response to being asked to surrender?
4) What profession was Mohandas Ghandi engaged in during the twenty years he spent in South Africa?

Bit Parts
1) The widower of Gilda Radnor played the part of a man kidnapped by the Barrow gang in Bonnie and Clyde. Who was it?
2) The star of Niagara's first movie was the Marx Brothers' last movie. Who was it?
3) The winner of the Best Screenplay Oscar for 1976 appeared briefly as a hoodlum menacing Woody Allen on a subway in Bananas?
4) A former Middle Weight boxing champion, whose own story was told in a later film, had one word in the movie The Hustler, which he repeated several times. Who was it?

The Dreaded Shakespeare Round
1) Which two Shakespeare plays feature characters named Portia?
2) What line, featured in an Elvis song, was originally spoken by Jaques in As You Like It?
3) The character whose name is Robin Goodfellow is better known as what?
4) What does Cymbeline have in common with eight other title characters from various Shakespeare plays?

Music Videos
1) What well known comedian and actor is featured in the video for Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy?
2) Madonna's Like A Virgin video takes place in what city?
3) Who directed the video for Michael Jackson's Thriller?
4) In what U2 video does the band recreate The Beatles' roof top concert from Let It Be, on a rooftop in Los Angeles?

Stand-up Comedians
1) What comedic actor, during his stand-up days, was famous for his "phone call" routines?
2) What comedian said: "Its a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it"?
3) What Martin Scorsese movie features several stand-up comedians in serious roles?
4) Who played Lenny Bruce in the Biopic Lenny?
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