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Postponed Public Hearings due to COVID-19
posted: Mar. 26, 2020

Due to recent COVID-19 guidelines regarding public events, the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) is temporarily postponing all public meetings and hearings. DMD related public hearings include the Metropolitan Development Commission, Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Hearing Examiners, Hearing Officers, and Plat Committee.
However, last week, Governor Holcomb issued an Executive Order relative to the conduct of public meetings by Boards & Commissions under the Indiana Open Door Law during this public health emergency. This Executive Order provides municipalities the ability to conduct electronic public meetings and hearings, thus enabling Boards and Commissions to perform essential matters critical to governmental operations.
Please know that DMD is diligently working to find a digital solution so that we may continue to perform all department operations and provide essential city services even from remote locations.
We appreciate your flexibility during this time as we continue to work closely with City, County, and State officials to best address the developing circumstances and will keep you updated.
Postponed Public Hearings for the Week of March 23, 2020: Tuesday, March 24 - Hearing Officer, Thursday, March 26 - Regional Center Hearing Examiner, and Thursday, March 26 - Hearing Examiner, Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC)
Electronic Public Hearings being held the Week of March 23, 2020: Tuesday, March 24 - Administrative Hearing, Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC). For information about this public hearing, please visit:

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