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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz
posted: May 21, 2020

Brewpub Quiz header

Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz for May 12, 2020.
The winning team was Everyone Who Watched.

Rom Coms That Guys Might Enjoy
1) In the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, composer Peter fulfills his dream of doing a rock-opera with puppets about what literary horror character?
2) Kumail Nanjiani plays himself in a movie about how he met his real-life wife in what 2017 movie?
3) In what 1987 movie does Holly Hunter's Jane chose William Hurt's shallow but good-looking Tom over Albert Brook's not as handsome, but wittier and more intelligent, Aaron?
4) Secondary characters played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann from the 2007 movie Knocked Up become the main protagonists of what 2012 sequel?
5) Moneyball Question: 1959's Pillow Talk, 1961's Lover Come Back, and 1964's Send Me No Flowers all star what two major Hollywood actors?

Picture Round - States & Capitals
1) What is this state? What is its capital?
quiz image
photo courtesy of BR Brewpub

2) What is this state? What is its capital?
quiz image
photo courtesy of BR Brewpub

3) What is this state? What is its capital?
quiz image
photo courtesy of BR Brewpub

4) What is this state? What is its capital?
quiz image
photo courtesy of BR Brewpub

5) What is this state? What is its capital?
quiz image
photo courtesy of BR Brewpub

Costume Dramas
1) The Downton Abbey movie released in 2019 deals with a visit to the country estate by what British King?
2) In what HBO drama was one-time 19th Century U. S. Senator George Hearst, played by Gerald McRaney, portrayed as the villain?
3) Cecil Vyse, Lucy Honeychurch, and George Emerson are characters involved in a love triangle of sorts in what 1985 movie set in both Italy and England in the early 1900s?
4) The boardwalk in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire was located in what real-life city?
5) Moneyball Question: What was the name of the family who lived "upstairs" in the classic British television drama Upstairs, Downstairs?

Not So Unhappy History
1) In what century did Johannes Gutenberg introduce his printing press?
2) In 1846 William T. G. Morton successfully demonstrated the use of what substance as the first surgical anesthetic?
3) Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous I Have A Dream speech in 1963 while standing in front of what Washington D. C. monument?
4) An infamous location known as Checkpoint Charlie became a tourist attraction after what historic event took place in 1989?
5) Moneyball Question: Norwegian Trygve Lie became the first person to hold what position, which he assumed in 1946?

Famous Mothers and Their Famous Offspring
1) What wealthy socialite and businesswoman was the mother of journalist Anderson Cooper?
2) In 2016, what famous mother and daughter, both actresses, tragically died less than 24 hours apart?
3) What British fashion designer is the daughter of a woman who first gained fame as a photographer of rock stars before becoming more famous for the man she married?
4) What mother and daughter starred separately in two seminal horror films, one released in 1960 and one released in 1978?
5) Moneyball Question: Who was the Queen consort of Henry II and mother of Henry, Richard, and John, who all became kings of England in the 12th Century?

Place Name Songs
1) What 1971 song by John Prine, arguably his most famous, was also covered by Bonnie Raitt in 1974?
2) When performing what 1983 song live, Billy Joel is sometimes joined on stage by a group of Vietnam veterans to sing the chorus?
3) What 1994 song by Sheryl Crow was inspired by a 1990 novel by author John O'Brien which in turn was adapted into a 1995 movie starring Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue?
4) What 1989 song by U2 is about jazz singer Billie Holiday?
5) Moneyball Question: What 1977 song by Paul McCartney's band Wings, about a region in Scotland where he own's a farm, is the biggest selling non-charity single in U. K. history?

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