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Converted from paper version of the Broad Ripple Gazette (v16n23)
BR Gazette announces new digital version
by Alan Hague
posted: Nov. 15, 2019

News via email and at
Broad Ripple Publishing has created a new portal into everything Broad Ripple and it is called! Broad Ripple Publishing serves several websites to viewers and now they can all be found at one place. The new site and its associated sites are mobile-friendly, so they will format to your desktop and your phone or tablet.
At the top of the new graphic is Random Ripplings, the most-frequent feature in the Broad Ripple Gazette. Random Ripplings give you the news items that you probably won't see anywhere else - store openings and closings, construction updates, events, local art and music, local land use and zoning meetings, etc.
There are also sections in the electronic news feed, either delivered via email to you or available from, for Columnists and Public Notices. Also included are Broad Ripple Museum, Historic Ad, What's New, and other regular features often found in the Gazette.
Sign up for email delivery
Sign up to receive the electronic version of the Broad Ripple Gazette at (select Random Ripplings, then click on Subscribe button. Here is a direct link:
The four-page business directory and maps from the Gazette are available on the lower left under Maps & Business Listings. The Gazette Local Contacts section is the bottom wedge. The Event Calendar from the Gazette is available on the lower right.
Local restaurant and bar specials can be found on the upper left. Bars and restaurants can submit weekly specials to and they will be included at no cost.
History Archives
The vast historic archive from Broad Ripple Publishing is available in the upper right wedge. It includes access to, the past 16 years of photos archived on, and the Virtual Broad Ripple Photo Archive at The VBR photo archive offers clickable dots on a map. Each dot has photos taken from that spot over the years. You can also upload your pictures taken anywhere in or near Broad Ripple from any time to be included in the project! Together we can preserve Broad Ripple History. Check your old photo albums. (TIP: Often your old outdoor group photos will have something interesting in the background.)
As for the puzzles in the Gazette, if enough readers comment on the sign-up form that they would print a puzzle page, then I will include it. But, I feel that printing it out is too much to ask readers to do, so the puzzles will not be included, at least at the start.
Support BR News and your business
Digital advertising is available by sponsoring the twice monthly Broad Ripple Random Ripplings issues, or by enhancing one's listing at The listing can be highlighted and have the business phone number added. Links to the business' website or even a custom site created by is available for as little as $8 per month.
Our business listings are the most complete and accurate on the web. Free listings are available to all businesses in the map area. Free listings assure that you will be able to find any business, not just those who pay.
Two paper issues left before switch to electronic
I will talk more about our switch over to electronic news in the next issues. Our last paper issues will be Volume 16 #24 (Dec. 6) and #25 (Dec 20). The papers are always dated on the day deliveries are complete, but delivery starts the day before. It takes two days to get to all of our pick up locations.
Issue #25 will contain a look back at sixteen years of the Gazette. I hope all of you will join us at and will sign up for email delivery. We want to keep bringing you the latest news from the Village!
Picture of new web site home page
Picture of new web site home page
image courtesy of
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins