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Life of the Party - Wild Mushroom Paté - by Elizabeth Morse
posted: May 10, 2019

Life of the Party header

Favorite Appetizers Celebrate Spring!
Before I jump into the deets of appetizers that celebrate Spring, I want to take a moment to share some feedback I received from my last article. The comments ranged from "I loved these casseroles and want more!" and "Please include casseroles in every article!" to "I follow your organic food and cooking blog and was surprised to see pre-prepared & preservative-laden foods in your BR Gazette article". I'd like to take a moment to address these ideas.
For those who don't follow my blog (, you may not know that I am hugely committed to growing and cooking organic foods. While I personally love to cook this way, I do understand that not everyone chooses this lifestyle. I will ALWAYS offer recipes for tasty food and going forward will try to make mention of the health-conscious brands I enjoy.
MSG should be a big concern to everyone. I do try to avoid it and find that Simple Truth brand Cream of Chicken Soup and sausages from purveyors like Applegate and Organic Prairie fit the bill. Any of these items could be used in the casseroles featured in my last article.
Reader Marcy Carlson wants more casseroles! Girl, I haven't forgotten but I've been traveling and want to get a few of my best collected for you. Look for an email from me!
Back to Spring! It's finally here. Time to begin gathering with friend on patios and front porches and I've got two crowd-pleasing options. Serve one, the other or both, Just be sure to have plenty of crusty French bread on hand to enjoy them with.

Wild Mushroom Paté

2 pounds mushrooms, cleaned and quartered
1 T. fresh garlic
1/8 c. fresh basil
1 tsp. fresh rosemary
1 T. fresh thyme
1 T. fresh tarragon
3 pounds cream cheese

In a pot of boiling water, cook mushrooms until tender. Drain. Add herbs and cream cheese to mushrooms and blend until smooth in a food processor or blender. Transfer to a serving dish & season to taste with salt and pepper. Refrigerate and serve chilled. Will keep a week in the 'fridge.
Pro Tip: Serve with a few pickled onions if you want to get fancy.

Spiked Olives

3 cups green olives (pimiento stuffed)
3 cups Kalamata olives (pitted)
1 cup high quality olive oil
¼ cup minced garlic
Juice and zest of one lemon
3 T. crushed red pepper flakes
3 T. fresh parsley, chopped
3 T. fresh rosemary, chopped

Combine all ingredients in a large glass jar and store at room temperature. Refrigerate if you want them to last longer than a week, just be sure to let them return to room temp before serving.
Pro Tip: These are excellent in any season. Make a big batch during the holidays to use as hostess gifts. #nomnomnom

Elizabeth Morse, owned the Corner Wine Bar in Broad Ripple for close to 20 years. She is a graduate of IU, Hoosier Chef, Food Writer, Wine Guru & Advanced Master Gardener who believes in supporting all things local. Check out her blog: Email her at
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins