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Round the Ripple - by Bill Malcolm
posted: Mar. 01, 2019

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Plan To Use Broad Ripple Park For Doctor's Office Gets 3 Bids
On February 21, 2019, at the Department of Metropolitan Development meeting, IndyParks revealed three bids to build a doctor's office in Broad Ripple Park in exchange for constructing a new Family Center.
The three bidders were BR Health Holdings LLC, Lauth Properties LLC, and Browning Investments. (Community Health Networks was the only bidder in the preliminary bids submitted last year.) Apparently one of the bidders (BR Health Holdings) may include Community Health Network. However, Community would not confirm this, saying only: "Because the project is one driven by IndyParks and the Department of Metropolitan Development, we feel it is inappropriate for us to comment about it at this time." (per Kris Kirschner, their PR and Media Relations Strategist)
Finally, the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhoods (MCANA) has sent a letter to the Mayor and IndyParks opposing the proposal to build a health clinic in Broad Ripple Park. The letter stated: "While a health clinic is certainly a needed and desirable component of a sustainable and healthy community, we do not believe it is appropriate to encroach on public park ground for a private company to construct and operate facilities that further reduce our already insufficient inventory of public park ground and open space. This is particularly true when other appropriate locations are available within a reasonable distance.
...We do not believe that citizens want to see our parks and our neighborhood quality of life become victims of privatization and the usurpation of public land."
To join the movement to stop development in Broad Ripple Park, join the Broad Ripple Park Alliance and Friends of Broad Ripple Pool on Facebook.

Indygo Riders Stranded As Stops Discontinued Without Notice
IndyGo bus riders along College Avenue have found themselves stranded as the bus stops have moved to new temporary stop locations due to Red Line construction-albeit without any type of notice to riders, nor markings at the usual bus stops warning riders the stop is no longer in use.
I was waiting for the #18 southbound at 3:50 pm on February 14, 2019, at 66th Avenue and College Avenue. When the bus approached my stop, it did not slow to pick me up or wait for me at the next corner. There was no indication that this stop was temporarily closed due to Red Line construction.
I walked south on College Avenue only to find new "temporary stops".
On February 19, IndyGo called me and said they do not put bags over the signs or other notices because people remove them. In any event, do not assume your bus stop is in use in Broad Ripple.

New Group Asks Dedicated Bus Lanes On College Avenue Be Removed
A new group, RedLineRealFacts, is calling for not dedicating bus lanes on College Avenue since they claim that it barely reduces travel times to downtown and will also cause traffic snarls. They claim traffic will now cut through on other streets. Further the loss of 30% of the parking on College Avenue will be devastating, according to their fact sheet. They also state that restricting of left turns between 38th and Broad Ripple Avenue will be a problem. Details at
At the public meeting at the Art Center on February 19 on the Red Line, IndyGo faced a packed house of critics.
Finally, the LA Times had an expose on problems with a similar line in Albuquerque which is also using the same company as IndyGo for the electric rapid line buses. Let's hope we can avoid the New Mexico experience.

White River Vision Plan Outlined, 3 New Films Showcased
On February 13, 2019, at Holliday Park, Brad Beaubien of the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development made a presentation on the White River Vision Plan. The goal is to better make the White River waterfront the front door of Broad Ripple. Ideas include a public boat dock and a river promenade. However, other ideas like removing the dam in Broad Ripple are not on the table since such dams serve a purpose. The plan will be sent this summer.
There was absolutely no mention of the controversial IndyParks Broad Ripple Park transfer of 5 acres of land - including along the White River-to use for doctor's offices.
Details of the Vision at
White River to central Indiana.
While the films were great, I was not aware the River was safe to swim in much less eat the fish caught in the river.
In any event, it's a great idea to refocus on area on the White River which as the films noted has historically been ignored or treated like a sewer.
You can stream the short films on line. Details at
For details on this and other Red Line construction go to

Train To Chicago Ends June 30
Enjoy the train to Chicago by June 30, 2019. Tickets at
That's when funding ends for the Hoosier State Amtrak train.
The four day a week train to Chicago did not appear in the House Budget on February 20, nor in the Governor's budget.
Further, Amtrak has announced it wants to ditch long-distance service also ending the three day a week train that runs from Chicago to Indy to New York City.

Bill Malcolm also writes a travel column in The Midwest Eagle and is a reporter for All Aboard Indiana (as a volunteer for both). He advocates for fair and affordable utility rates for a national association based in Washington, D.C. He welcomes reader feedback and story ideas. Send to
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins