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The Wine Scene: by Jill A. Ditmire
posted: Apr. 15, 2016

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The Climes They Are a Changing

Indiana's wine grape crop could be less than expected this year due to recent blasts of sub-freezing temperatures. Purdue Horticulturist Bruce Bordelon says the weather this spring is similar to those of 2007 and 2012 (remember the Super Bowl in Indy that year?). The state had unusually warm weather in January and February, which prompted grape vines to bud. Then a swath of freezing temperatures and ice storms damaged the young tender shoots, wiping out many yields.
The UK is going thru the same thing. Climate change has slowly pushed temperatures up in that area of the world. So much so that the area is now a viable wine making region. A new report predicts a bumper crop for wine grapes in 2016. Growers have been producing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes and making rather tasty sparkling wine. However both of those grapes are quite fickle to plummeting temperatures, and UK growers say cold snaps, frosts and downpours still threaten overall production.
Here's a tasty bottle to toast to the passage of time and temperatures. Toad Hollow Risque. Some neighbors and I shared a bottle to celebrate several of the sippers' birthdays. The tiny bubbles, touch of sweetness, and crisp finish made for a fun way to salute another life vintage. Hard to beat that label too. Under $20 and widely available.

Jill A. Ditmire is an Omnimedia wine specialist, AWS certified wine judge, freelance broadcast journalist and 20+ year home owner in the Warfleigh neighborhood of Broad Ripple. Send your questions and comments to Jill at
Also on INSTAGRAM @jaditmire
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