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Gettin' Ripped in Ripple - by Laura Minor
posted: Jul. 09, 2010

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Guest columnist - Chad Vogel
Busy professionals need good health to be at the top of their game. . .
A secure future is important to you, right? You invest in a 401K. You invest in health insurance. You invest in a diversified portfolio. You invest for your retirement. But are you investing in your health??
Exercise is an essential component of good health. Not only will it help you live longer, it will give you more energy to carry out daily tasks, help you sleep better, allow you to eat nutritious foods without the worry of gaining weight. It will improve your performance in a favorite sport or pastime, you'll enjoy the feeling of being physically fit and possessing good health, and it will help you maintain good physical appearance. Exercise may help to reverse or even eliminate unhealthy habits such as smoking.
Studies have shown that even thirty minutes a day of exercise can make a significant difference in your overall health. More and more people understand the benefits of exercise and have even been able to conveniently incorporate their workouts daily during their busy lifestyle, whether it is over the lunch hour, or directly before or after work.
Many corporations have established workout facilities within the workplace to provide a healthier lifestyle for their employees. Some have even hired trainers for their employees or have even written for workers to seek out their own fitness programs into employee handbooks. Corporations have noticed the benefits of exercise and healthier lifestyles for their employees and are seeing improved work environments such as:
• Relief from daily work pressures
• More patience with colleagues and clients
• Release from the stresses of work and everyday life
• Increase in productivity and meeting deadlines
• Increase in work safety
• Decrease in work absences i.e.: sick days, work related injuries
Even more, a healthy body can actively help your motivation and productivity. Some who enjoy the advantages of being fit have their discipline to begin a regular exercise program on their own. Most others find benefits to having a personal trainer to evaluate their needs and wants, create a personalized workout program, assistance with nutritional needs and benefits, and also trainers provided ongoing support, motivation, and accountability.
Studies show that even thirty minutes a day of exercise can make a significant difference in your overall health.
One tip to working out with a trainer is to check for certifications and degrees. Top trainers are increasingly more likely to hold a bachelor's or even a masters degree in exercise science or a related field.
Physical fitness is not a matter of managing life better, but truly living life to its greatest capacity. Your health affects the quality of your life in every way, making it the most important investment you can make.

Laura Minor owner and operator of So.Be.Fit. Personal Training and Fitness studio located at 54th and the Monon. She is passionate about teaching others how to "FIT" exercise and physical activity into their daily lives, and have fun while doing so! Visit her website at or e-mail
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins