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Converted from paper version of the Broad Ripple Gazette (v07n11)
Life's Ripples from Broad Ripple United Methodist Church by Rev. Timothy Rasmussen
posted: May 28, 2010

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It is amazing to think back on my life and realize the awesome changes that have taken place in this world. I can remember being a child and having a phone that you had to crank up before you used it. My wife remembers being on the phone and being able to listen to other conversations because of a shared party line. That was also the time you had to dial into the operator in order to make a long distance call.
It is hard for young people to realize a time without cell phones, but believe it or not such a time did exist. Somehow we managed without them, but now it seems like we are lost without one close at hand 24/7.
I came across an internet article recently that triggered some reflection on the significance of cell phones in our lives vs. the significance of Bibles in our lives. Before my mother-in-law passed away, she said something about the Bible that has really stuck with me. She said the Bible means Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. So between that conversation with her and the recent internet article circulating around I got to wondering what would happen if people treated their Bibles like their cell phones.
Here's what the article states:
"It would always be in your purse or pocket, it would get looked several times during the day, we would go back and get it if we forgot it, we would treat it like we can't live without it, we would give it to our kids as treasured gifts, and we would use it in emergencies."
Technology has really advanced over recent years, but the Bible has withstood the test of time and still has something to say today. Do you know where your cell phone is right now? How about your Bible? Shalom.

Tim has been a United Methodist Pastor since 1973 and has been at Broad Ripple United Methodist since 2003. Email your questions/comments to
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