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Gettin' Ripped in Ripple - by Laura Minor
posted: May 14, 2010

Gettin’ Ripped in Ripple header

Make Your Mind Control your "Matter"

It is no surprise to hear that the vast majority of diets fail. Sadly enough, as a society we have not been able to come close to beating the battle for long term weight loss. If people do in fact lose some weight, many end up regaining or even gain more than they did pre-diet. Unfortunately, this often leads them to become frustrated and giving up altogether. I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way! Weight loss is at least as much, if not more, about our thoughts and beliefs about diet and exercise. What is going on between your ears will make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful weight loss journey. Here are some take home "don't do" tips to arm you in this battle!
You feel that food has power: Food can't "make" you eat it. The way some people talk, you'd think a box of cookies holds them down, forcing them to chew and swallow, too! Ultimately, YOU hold the power to say no. You can make it easier on yourself by not keeping your "trigger foods" (and I am sure you know what these are) in the house/office, and avoid using food as a reward (get a massage instead!). Also, have a plan before going out to eat, such as, look at the menu on-line and pre-pick a healthy option.
You label foods as good and bad (or off-limits): Labeling food as "allowed" or "not allowed" leads to destructive thinking and could end up backfiring on you. Instead, if you strongly crave something you consider an unhealthy but tempting food, allow yourself to have it every once in a while in a small portion. This will satisfy your urge without adding guilt or unwanted pounds. Also, if you do have a little indulgence, use it as a motivator to add time or intensity to your next workout. I have found myself many times hitting a big hill and repeating "brownie" (or something similar) several times until I reached the top. So, I was actually extra happy for having it!
You consider all fats bad: I actually hate the negative connotations associated with the word fat. Fat is a type of fuel and it is a necessary component for a well-balanced nutrition plan. In fact, completely avoiding fats have actually been associated with weight gain. Typically, a fat-free food is higher in sugar and carbohydrates than a low-fat version. Fat is a great appetite suppressant as well. Whenever I need a quick snack, I grab a handful of nuts and it will keep me satisfied through a busy afternoon. Also, fat is needed to absorb minerals A, D, E and K into the body. Use fats in moderation by examining labels and going for a lower fat version instead of fat-free. Trust me, your body and taste buds will thank you.
You eat the same foods everyday: This point is true to diet and workouts. If you don't mix it up, you will plateau. Variety is the spice of life, and mixing it up with healthy choices will lead you to more balanced nutrition. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables and if you find yourself eating chicken every night, go for some fish or other lean protein to refresh your mind and your palette.
You eat food you normally wouldn't touch because it is free: This one is very interesting to me as I, and I am sure you could relate to. We have all been to parties or office meetings where a person walks in with a box of donuts or greasy pizza. Not getting in on the deal seems like such a wasted opportunity for free grub; but stop and ask yourself "Would I pay to eat that?" If you answer no, try to forego it. You won't be sorry later.
You purchase food because you feel it is a good value: "Well of course I want to Super Size it if it is only 39 cents more!" Next time you rationalize that thought, think about how much a personal training session costs, or how much your gym membership costs, or even how much buying bigger pants may cost you. NOT a good deal; not even close.

Laura Minor owner and operator of So.Be.Fit. Personal Training and Fitness studio located at 54th and the Monon. She is passionate about teaching others how to "FIT" exercise and physical activity into their daily lives, and have fun while doing so! Visit her website at or e-mail
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