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Buzzing Around Town - by Nora Spitznogle
posted: Dec. 18, 2009

Buzzing Around Town

Tim Considine
Tim Considine died earlier this month. He was a great influence on my writing and this column. He made me a better writer and helped me find my voice. I'm not sure when or even how I met Tim, but it was probably though two of his brothers. Matt and Steve were every-morning CATH customers. Tim lived right across the street from the coffeehouse and I'd often see him in the neighborhood.
Tim was a musician and wrote clever and quirky songs. We sold his records at the coffeehouse and Tim was delighted about the number of Derelicks CDs we sold.
Tim Considine
image courtesy of Nora Spitznogle

After I started writing this column, Tim would write me a note or call with feedback. My first columns were full of apology and uncertainty. I would write about how I felt too old to be out hearing music or how I wasn't a music critic or my lack of musical knowledge. Tim encouraged me to dump that stuff and focus on what I am good at - writing about the musicians and music scene and the community. I started writing this column with the thought that I was writing to Tim and suddenly it all clicked.
I especially loved the columns where I got to write about the Derelicks or to quote Tim.
I last hung out with Tim in May at the Willie Nelson concert at the Vogue. He and Novella Nedeff and I had fun hanging out in the alley after the show watching the folks hoping for an audience with Willie. It was a beautiful night - Tim walked Novella and I back to her house and we spent an hour in her living room laughing and catching up.
Tim moved to Northern Indiana this summer and I hadn't had the chance to chat with him for months. But I continued to write my columns as if he was reading them. And I imagine I always will. You can hear Tim's music and get a glimpse in to his quirky humor on this band Web site,


New Year's Eve - Thursday, December 31, 2009
Like most years there is a ton of amazing music happening on New Year's Eve and not much music the week between Christmas and New Year's. Here is a quick rundown on the New Year's Eve shows in the city - I'm sorry I didn't have the space to preview all of the shows. You can call or check the Web sites for more details.

Birdy's - New Addiction, Northern Kind, Glass Halo
2131 E. 71st Street, 317-254-8971, 21+

Melody Inn - Punk Rock Night New Year's Eve with JJ Pearson Project, The Luxury Pushers & Bottoms Up Burlesque
3826 N. Illinois, 317-923-4707, doors 8/show 9, 21+, $5
Punk Rock Night is making a special Thursday night appearance. I'm sure this show will be a blast - JJ Pearson is an icon on the punk rock scene with older and younger fans. And you can't beat the price. I predict the New Year will be toasted with many tall-boy PBRs at the Mel.

The Vogue - New Year's Eve party featuring DJ Marcus
6359 N. College Ave, 317-259-7059, 21+, doors 9:00, $20
The Vogue has some fun stuff planned. They're promising party favors, a Champagne toast at midnight and a cash balloon drop (I have visions of WKRP's turkey drop in my head, but I'm sure it will be nothing like that). They are also offering V.I.P packages that include table reservations and bottle service - email them for details.

Radio Radio - Born Again Floozies, Leisure Kings, Playboy Psychonauts
1119 E. Prospect St, 955.0995, 21+, doors 8, $15, non-smoking
I'm giggling just typing this lineup. This will probably be the best old-fashioned laugh out loud fun show of the night. The three bands are made up of excellent musicians with a flair for the unexpected. I can almost guarantee tap dancing, tubas, Fez's and a powder blue tuxedo or two. Expect a surprise at midnight when the Leisure Kings and Born Again Floozies join forces to launch the new decade in style. Tickets available at Future Shock, 6323 Ferguson St.

The Jazz Kitchen - Brenda Williams
5377 N. College Ave, 317-253-4900, 21+, non-smoking, $25 All reservations must be pre-paid. No Refunds
You want to ring in the New Year is smooth style? This is the show for you. Brenda Williams is one of Indianapolis' best-loved vocalists and performers. And you always feel swanky and cool at the Jazz Kitchen.
And if you're looking for a private party space that night, or any night, the Jazz Kitchen has a beautiful room. Contact LuAnn Lancton for details.

Chatterbox Jazz Club
Clifford Ratliff Quintet plays the classic jazz of the Indiana Avenue All Stars
435 Massachusetts Ave, 317-636-0584, 21+, 9:30, $20
Would now be the appropriate time to mention that I'm on the Chatterbox bowling league? Yep, I'm a Chatterbowler. And I got a trophy! For being on the last place team, but a trophy none the less.
The Chatterbox has a fun night planned to ring in the new decade. The Clifford Ratliff Quintet will be playing the classic jazz on the Indiana Avenue All Stars. Dave promises "great music, funky hats, noise makers, exploding poppers and a glass of champagne at midnight." Can't go wrong with funky hats and classic jazz.

The Rathskeller - The Working Hour, Zanna Doo
401 E. Michigan St, 636-0396, 21+, $50 adv, $55 day of, 6:00
The ticket price at The Rathskeller includes an hors 'd oeurve buffet, two great bands, party favors and a midnight champagne toast.

Slippery Noodle - Perry Weber & The DeVillies
Gordon Bonham Blues Band featuring Phoebe

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - New Year's Eve in Vienna

Locals Only - Otis Gibbs, America Owns The Moon, The Academy
2449 E. 56th St, 255-4013, 21+, $12 adv, $15 day of show, 8:00
Grab this chance to see Otis Gibbs while he's in town from his Nashville, TN home base and world travels. The Academy features the very talented Fry brothers and America Owns The Moon are excellent also. This night will be chock-full of indie band goodness.

Zanies Too - Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes
5914 E. 10th St, 317-357-6022, 21+, doors 8/show 9, $10.
If I was going to smooch a girl at midnight, I think Mandy Marie would be at the top of my list. Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes play twang at its best.

Vollrath Tavern - Mudkids, Brad Real
118 E. Palmer St., 317-632-5199
Can't go wrong with the Mudkids.

Hyatt Regency
X-Ray Roger Jimmy, Don Stuck Band, Duke Tomato, Jester Kings, Dave & Rae, The Elms
This is the place for you if you want to party. I covered this event for NUVO a couple of years ago and saw everything from great music to an engagement. There is something for the old and young alike musically.

Music Mill
Virgin Millionaires, The Last Good Year, Stereo Deluxe
3720 E. 82nd St, 317-594-8500, 9:00 pm, $25
The Music Mill is back - and with a great lineup! The Last Good Year is back in Indy from their Nashville move earlier this year.

Apres Jacks - The ReachArounds - 9419 N. Meridian St., 317- 843-1609, 21+, non-smoking, free (band tips appreciated)
Those talented and silly musicians will be pulling out all of the stops. The ReachArounds play original tunes and sing-along danceable covers. And they're damn fun.

Not-for-profit director by day, music writer by night, Nora Spitznogle reviews music that happened and previews music and events around Broad Ripple Village. Nora managed CATH Inc coffeehouse at 54th Street and College Avenue for seven years. During that time she hosted hundreds of local and touring musicians, both at the coffeehouse and her home. When CATH closed in 2004 and the music was no longer coming to her, she had to wander from her corner of Broad Ripple to see what is happening elsewhere. You can find her at Second Helpings during the work day, waitressing at the Red Key on Saturday nights and prowling Broad Ripple music venues the rest of the time. Visit Nora's Web site, send any questions, comments or suggestions to
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins