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Converted from paper version of the Broad Ripple Gazette (v04n23)
BRVA Elections: It's your neighborhood!
posted: Nov. 16, 2007

The Broad Ripple Village Association will elect new members to its board of directors on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. Village Association members who wish to vote should be present at the November meeting on the same date.
At the time of Gazette publication, it was stated that there will be five vacant slots for this election. In order to have been nominated or run for these positions, a person must be a member of the BRVA in good standing (all dues paid in full).
"I think that everyone who has an interest in Broad Ripple and the betterment of the community needs to be sure to come out to the meeting and vote," BRVA President Ellen Morley Matthews said. "There are more candidates than ever before which bodes very well for the future of the Broad Ripple community."
Other members of the community are also excited about the elections and the possibilities that will be brought with new blood on the BRVA board of directors.
"There are many people on this year's ballot who will bring new energy to the community," BRVA member Cortellini said.
Cortellini is one of the organizers of the Broad Ripple Progress Committee who have posted flyers throughout the Village promoting some of the candidates running for the board.
"There is going to be new leadership in the city as a whole and these candidates can bring a very positive outlook to the community," he said. "It's time for us to be in charge of our destiny here."
BRVA members are asked to arrive at the meeting earlier than usual (6:30 p.m.) to cast their votes.
"We are trying to do everything in our power to assure that every member knows they can vote and that they do vote," Morley-Matthews said.
Below is a list of the candidates and a short biography on each. If you have paid your BRVA dues, make sure your voice is heard in this year's election.
*Note: No Gazette endorsements of specific candidates are implied in this article.

BRVA Elections: It's your neighborhood!

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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins