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Right in my Own Backyard - Joys of Giving Thanks - by Brandt Carter
posted: Nov. 16, 2007

Right in my Own Backyard header

Here is a one of Brandt's columns from 2007.

Joys of Giving Thanks

Sometimes I get so busy that I barely fit counting my blessings into a day. From the moment I wake up, there's so much to do before I even get going: brush my teeth so I don't get cavities, eat a good breakfast, take my meds and vitamins to keep going and keep healthy, pack my lunch, listen to early news on the radio, dress for the day's weather, feed the dogs and cats, drive to work and yahdah yahdah yahdah! The day is already hectic and the sun isn't even up yet.
This year I decided to use my drive time to focus on my blessings. I've turned my commute into my thanking time. I get to think about my dogs Jupiter, Webster and Wrigley. My cats Pansy and Ms. B. Ripple are always next. Without my pack of animals, my life would surely be flat though less messy. Then gratitude for my husband and family takes up five blocks of driving. My parents, brother, sister, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren give me material to ponder and appreciate as the journey continues. Each of their lives gives me challenges and joy!

Webster, faithful greeter at Backyard Birds, says Thanks.
Webster, faithful greeter at Backyard Birds, says Thanks.

My thoughts then move to my home and the wonderful acre that has mature trees, shrubs and a bounty of flowers. Without flowers, herbs and trees to care for, my life would surely hold less wonder and my cooking not as imaginative and tasteful.
The birds and wildlife in my yard add a dimension that humans cannot. Their songs, color and mischievous antics are the life of my yard. The bird feeders outside my bedroom give me appreciation the mornings I get to sleep late. I awaken to cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees and woodpeckers just three feet from my bedroom window. They never cease to amaze and thrill me.
There are days I can be thankful for the country I live in, my freedoms of religious expression and speech, bountiful food, my education, my work, the opportunity to write for the Gazette and my ability to create my own destiny. Giving thanks has an inspiring effect. It's an awesome, boundless exercise that strengthens appreciation and quickens my spirit to see beauty in daily living. I invite you to make a time to give thanks every day.

Brandt Carter, artist, herbalist, and naturalist, owns Backyard Birds at 2374 E. 54th Street. Visit her web site Email your bird questions to
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins