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Converted from paper version of the Broad Ripple Gazette (v04n14)
Old Town of Broad Ripple Meeting Minutes #82
posted: Jul. 13, 2007

The Town of Broad Ripple was incorporated in 1894, and started holding regular meetings at that time. In each issue, I will print my transcription of the old Town of Broad Ripple meeting minutes. These are taken from the original, hand-written minutes that contain many spelling errors. I have transcribed all the records as they were entered, including errors. I will make some corrections to the text in brackets [ ]. The original minutes books are at the Indiana State Archives at 6440 E. 30th St.

Here is the eighty-second installment: Paying 1899 bills

Broad Ripple
2nd May 1899
The Board met in regular session all present
A bill of $6.00 was allowed J.H. Ferguson for taking care of fire apparatus for one year up to May 2nd 1899
A bill of $1.25 was allowed Jn. H. Ferguson for work done on fire apparatus.
A bill of $1.00 was allowed Pursel & Kirk for sundries got at store
A bill of $6.00 was allowed C.L. Kirk for 6 month _____ as town Trustee
"          "          "          "          H.C. Gresh          "          "          "          "          "          "
"          "          "          "          C.H. Heady          "          "          "          "          "          "
"          "          "          "          J.H. Brady          "          "          "          "          "          Clerk
"          "          "          "          J.H. Campbell "          "          "          "          Treasurer
"          $25.00 "      "     L.F. Pearce for service as Town Marshal up to May 10th 1899
On motion C.H. Heady the salary of the town Clerk was raised to $1.50 per month or $18.00 per year, commencing May 1899
On motion of H.C. Gresh Ordenance No. 12 prohibiting persons from riding Bicycles on the streets of Broad Ripple after dark unless such Bicycle be provided with a signal light or lamp was passed.
A special meeting was called for Thursday May 18th 1899 for the newly elected officers to qualify & other business pertaining to the town. The minutes were approved as read.
Approved C.L. Kirk
Jas. H. Brady (Clerk)
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins