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Beats from a Broad Ripple Rat - by Lisa Battiston
posted: May 04, 2007

Beats from a Broad Ripple Rat header

Oh geez. Not another one.
It's unfortunate how many spots I like in Broad Ripple that don't work out. I imagine rent in the area is ridiculous, especially on the strip. But I've come to love a lot of little spots that just seem to disappear without anyone noticing. There are many restaurants and stores and bars that have become synonymous with Broad Ripple, or that have been in the area for so long that Broad Ripple would seem ridiculous without them.
And, usually, when I go on my lunch break, I go to the Starbucks on the corner to read. It's nice to take that little break to read something I want to read, versus all of the wonderfully exhilarating and vibrant pharmaceutical articles I get to edit during my work day. In any case, driving through Broad Ripple, I noticed signs in one of my favorite stores.
Twenty to 70 percent off. Oo! Yes! A sale!
And then I look a little closer as I slow to a halt at the stop sign.
It's a store closing sale. Turandot is leaving us.
The earrings I'm currently wearing are from Turandot. I bought a really nice and probably too expensive candle there for a birthday for a friend who likes to light candles while he takes a shower (right, I know, don't ask why or how I know that). For Christmas, I bought Peggy Sues' singer a necklace with angel wings there. I bought earrings there for my mother for both Mother's Day and her birthday. I bought earrings and a bracelet there for an ex-boyfriend's mother for Christmas. I bought a magnet there that reads "Does shopping make me happy? Of course it does." for my roommate during Christmas. I bought a pair of earrings for a friend's birthday and mailed them to Florida where she lives. I bought a joke book of 365 different sexual positions for Christmas for another roommate. I bought a small jewelry box for the little sister of an ex-boyfriend for Christmas.
All right, look. I really like Turandot. And I'm sad to see it go. Really sad. I don't think I'll be able to find any of this cool stuff anywhere else. I'm halfway contemplating running in there before they close and just stocking up on future gifts I'll probably end up buying for people. Because, frankly, I'm a huge gift buyer. I love finding things for people that I know they'll either really like or will make them laugh. Turandot was good for that.
And half the time I was in there, I'd end up finding something neat for myself.
In fact, the more I write about it, the more that whole Stocking Up idea sounds like a really, really good plan. Does shopping make me happy? Of course it does.
No, I'm kidding, because, to be honest? I really dislike shopping. I don't like malls. I don't like spending money on new crap for myself when I could spend my money on things I need or time with the people I love.
But didn't I just talk about how I spent money on me at Turandot? Yes. Yes, I did. Because it felt okay there! I wasn't buying some belt at the Gap that a thousand other people have! I wasn't buying the newest bestseller at Border's! I was buying something that seemed unique, at least to me and probably to whomever I was giving it to. And that type of atmosphere fits in well in Broad Ripple, doesn't it? A unique sort of place? Very independent? I think so anyway.
So Turandot. Man oh man. I'll miss you. Really. And so will all those future people I probably would've bought gifts for at your store.
But I think I'll stop in later to say goodbye in person.
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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins