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Broad Ripple High School students compete in Solo and Ensemble - By Kelly Hershey
posted: Feb. 23, 2007

By Kelly Hershey

The ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) Solo and Ensemble Contest is an opportunity for young musicians to showcase their talents in a different manner than they are usually accustomed to, which is a large group setting. For solo and ensemble, students may choose to play by themselves in a solo setting, or play in ensemble settings which start at the trio level.
Judges are comprised of master teachers from various locations, and they specialize in specific areas of study. All participants sign up in a specific "group" based on their level of skill and experience. This way judges will evaluate properly according to that student's level of skill. Groups are from 1-5, with Group 1 students playing from a required list and graded most stringently. Students in Group 2-5 are able to select a piece of their teacher's choosing, and are graded appropriately.
Students play for the judges and are given a numerical rating which translates into a gold, silver, bronze, or participation rating. After playing, students are given their results. They are able to receive a medal for gold, silver, or bronze ratings.
If students receive a participation rating, they are given a ribbon. Students receiving a gold rating in Group 1 are given the privilege of going on to state level solo and ensemble, which is a prestigious honor and hard to achieve.
These are the very best of the best: those who will play for a state level rating and medal. In short, the contest is the student's chance to showcase individual talents and receive accolades for the skill and preparation involved.

Broad Ripple Students received 23 Gold Medals, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze. VOCAL: Christie Wilkerson, Deborah Clark, Brittany Roberson, Angela Bert, Tiffany Anderson, Brittany Thomas, Miata McMichel, Tiffany Harvey, Brooke Moreland, Elon Holt, Donequa Glasco, Marcus Harvey, Addison Wolfe, Darrin Bailey, Lamar Holliday, Devante Stubbs, Charles Johnson, Kameron Daniel, Travis Bruce, Mario Glasco, Jady Law-Fulper, Darrica Byrd, Ciarra Franklin, Victoria Powell, Kayla Morris. PIANO: Tina Yau, George Feldman, Jasmine Hardy, Megan Miles, Jessica Walker. ENSEMBLES: Rippleaires (1st/Gold) and Madrigals (1st/Gold)

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Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins
Brought to you by: Broad Ripple collector pins